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What I Wish For You
Simple Wisdom for a Happy Life
ISBN: 978-0-7627-7062-5 Pub Date: 04/01/2011
$16.95 Hardcover Pages: 160

As my older daughter, Emma, prepared to graduate from high school and fly away, I reached out to readers of my blog,, to gather
wisdom from the far corners of the earth to help guide her. The essays—
and art—that came pouring in moved me deeply. And I think they’ll touch your heart, too.
I could have sought advice from celebrities or famous poets or people who have climbed Mount Everest barefoot or sailed solo across the Atlantic. But I wanted to uncover the wisdom we all possess. We’re all sailing solo across vast oceans every single day, aren’t we?
—Patti Digh

What advice do you wish you had heard—really heard—when you were graduating from high school or college? What words could you benefit from hearing again? When Patti Digh asked her readers this question as her own daughter was starting college, what flowed in was beautiful, thoughtful, poignant, and funny.
Out of the hundreds of essays, six themes emerged:
• Remember who you are: be you
• Know what matters most: be passionate
• Make peace with time: be present
• Let go of certainty: be unsure
• Learn something every day: be curious
• Open up your hand: be free
What I Wish For You features insightful stories from Patti as well as illustrations and writings submitted by readers of her blog from around the world, resulting in a vibrant, intriguing, and life-affirming book ideal for the young graduate and beyond.


About the author

“If the Buddha had two kids, a dog named Blue, a Southern accent, and a huge crush on Johnny Depp, his name would be Patti Digh," wrote one reviewer after Digh's grassroots bestseller, Life Is a Verb, was published. Patti is a Southern-born master storyteller whose stories are full of humor, poignancy, surprise, pain, and knowing. She is the author of three previous Skirt! books: the best-selling Life Is a Verb, a Books for a Better Life finalist; Creative Is a Verb; and Four-Word Self-Help. Visit her at


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You Are Not Broken, and You Don’t Need to Be Fixed


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