Editor's corner

Welcome to Skirt!

skirt! is an attitude… spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate.

Skirt! books are known for their personality—the voice of the author, her passion, her journey is what shines through each volume on our list. Each skirt! book reflects what women care most about—relationships, health, family, or simply being more fully aware of our own humanity.

Our imprint is also known for its high standard of design and production, with original artwork, beautiful typography, and quality materials, stimulating our senses of vision and touch as the words speak to our souls.

In this space I will update you on the progress of particular skirt! titles, sharing my excitement as our books enter the world. I hope you will let me know how we are doing, and how our books affect your life.

I invite you to share our passion.

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